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We are your local Hyundai service specialist in the Maitland & Thornton area. Contact us on 02 4052 8769 for East Maitland and 02 4966 8620 for Thornton. 

With two workshops in the Maitland & Thornton area, you are spoilt for choice when choosing The Service Centre.

Besides being stylish, Hyundais are often ranked among the most reliable car makes nowadays. As a result of this, you can drive any model for years – so long as it’s treated right. In order to guarantee that you get as much out of your Hyundai as possible relies entirely on how regularly you service it. 


To get the best service for your vehicle means you should look for a service centre with experience servicing Hyundai. Taking your vehicle to a service centre with this knowledge ensures you get your money’s worth. 

At The Service Centre, we have the necessary knowledge and skill to repair and service any Hyundai vehicle. We also use the most advanced equipment available when providing our services.

As such, you can rest assured that you will be getting nothing but a premium service, extending the life of your vehicle dramatically.

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The Best Hyundai Service Centre
in East Maitland and Thorton

If you follow the rule of servicing your Hyundai at an experienced service centre when due, you will be able to enjoy your vehicle for longer. There are different ways to know when your Hyundai vehicle needs servicing, and it’s important to follow the instructions as soon as possible as the climate in Maitland and Thornton can lead to premature ageing of the vehicle. 

The first line of defence in detecting whether your Hyundai vehicle needs servicing is by keeping your senses open to any unusual sights, sounds, smells, or physical sensations that your car produces. Strange noises, overheating, and flashing service lights are also indicators that your vehicle requires servicing.

Besides anything unusual, your car should be serviced at regular intervals – usually around every 10,000kms or every 6 months so. Each time we service your vehicle we will provide you with a handy sticker so that you know exactly when you are due for another service. 

We Also Provide Hyundai Repairs

At The Service Centre, we have state-of-the-art facilities and the experience and skill required to service your vehicle and make it as good as new. Also, apart from servicing, we specialise in carrying out Hyundai repairs. 

Over the years, our Hyundai mechanics have come to possess the experience and the technical knowledge on how to provide a variety of Hyundai repair services. If your Hyundai vehicle needs repairs, you can make a booking with us whether you are in East Mainland or Thorton. 

When Your Hyundai Needs Servicing,
Call the Service Centre

Given that many of us rely on our cars on a day-to-day basis, your vehicle deserves nothing but the best service. This is why you can’t afford to leave your vehicle with a service centre that lacks experience and the best equipment (unlike us).

You should always choose a Hyundai service centre that is fully equipped to carry out proper servicing and repairs if need be. This is where The Service Centre comes in. 

Don’t Settle For the Rest;
Make Sure Your Hyundai Gets The Best Service

With over 50 years of experience in providing services and repairs combined with access to the latest and best equipment, we have built an outstanding reputation.

Our professional mechanics have what it takes to perfectly service/repair your vehicle. If you’re looking for a Hyundai service centre in the Maitland or Thornton area, make a booking now.

What Our Customer Say

No complaints, best experience I've ever had with a mechanic.
Mate awesome service as always. Always very happy with the work and price, you guys are great. Thankyou
All seams good on my ute any problems in the future rest assured i will be ringing The Service Centre first. Thanks again for the job well done last week.
Good afternoon Beau, no problems with the car, just want to say a huge thank you for the service you guys provided. Hope you have a great afternoon ahead.
No issues, great customer and car service.
Very happy with the service.
Very happy with your services. Not sure if I have any specific comments other than to say the team there has been great so far and we are happy and will be back for more work in the near future. Cheers
The service was great, friendly and helpful. I've recommended you to a couple of people and hope they take their business there.
The boys there are awesome can not say a bad word about them and the work that do is the best in Newcastle 100%
Service is great and happy with workmanship.

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