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Driveshaft Repairs & Replacements

Driveshaft repairs are one of the most critical services we offer here at The Service Centre. Your car is one of the most significant investments in your life. Keeping your car in good condition will save you from troubles like accidents, injuries, and sudden breakdowns. 

The twisting force produced by an engine is called torque, so the job of your driveshaft is to transmit the twisting force to the wheel of a vehicle. A lot of vehicles have a front-wheel drive, so the torque will be transmitted to the two front-wheel drives called half-shafts.

Your driveshaft rotates very fast, and is in charge of moving the rear wheel of your vehicle. So, when the driveshaft begins to have issues, your driving will be affected. Here are some tell tale signs that your driveshaft needs repairs or replacement.

If you are driving your vehicle and notice an unusual vibration from underneath your car, it is a common sign your driveshaft is having trouble. The vibrations are always caused due to worn-out bushings of the driveshaft. These bushings are what are keeping it from vibrating in the first place.

If the driveshaft is not repaired, the vibration will increase and may also lead to the damage of other components. If the vibrations increase with speed, it may also mean that your tyres need to be balanced.

If you notice any clunking noise whenever you accelerate your vehicle, when you put it into reverse, and even when simply driving, then the driveshaft and driveline needs looking at. Often, this is a common symptom of a wrong slip yoke, and you may need a driveshaft replacement or repair.

If you notice squeaking noise when you are driving that is coming from under your vehicle, it is a sign that your driveshaft is faulty. It could be out of balance, or some other part could be worn out.

If we notice that your driveshaft’s U-joint rotates fast or fails to rotate, then you will need to replace your driveshaft in this condition because you can’t drive in this critical condition.

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Your Local Driveline and Differential Experts

Our team is full of experienced professionals who can provide you with driveline and differential repair services. We repair and replace driveshafts, universal joints, axles, differentials, and all other drivetrain and driveline components.

At the Service Centre, we care for your vehicles as if it is our own. It’s tempting to ignore problems with your vehicle due to the cost, however, your vehicle is a significant investment, and maintaining your driveline and drivetrain helps extend its life considerably. 

If your vehicle needs attention, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

What Our Customer Say

No complaints, best experience I've ever had with a mechanic.
Mate awesome service as always. Always very happy with the work and price, you guys are great. Thankyou
All seams good on my ute any problems in the future rest assured i will be ringing The Service Centre first. Thanks again for the job well done last week.
Good afternoon Beau, no problems with the car, just want to say a huge thank you for the service you guys provided. Hope you have a great afternoon ahead.
No issues, great customer and car service.
Very happy with the service.
Very happy with your services. Not sure if I have any specific comments other than to say the team there has been great so far and we are happy and will be back for more work in the near future. Cheers
The service was great, friendly and helpful. I've recommended you to a couple of people and hope they take their business there.
The boys there are awesome can not say a bad word about them and the work that do is the best in Newcastle 100%
Service is great and happy with workmanship.

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