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We Repair and Service All Holden Vehicles

We provide the best services for Holden vehicles in the Maitland & Thornton area. 

Holden is an Australian car company that has been in operation since 1856. Holden cars are known for their affordability, reliable engines, and iconic looks. Holden cars are popular among first-time car buyers and families alike. 

Whether you’re looking for a sedan, SUV, or hatchback, Holden has a car to suit your needs. With a Holden vehicle, you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality vehicle at a great price – so long as you get it serviced regularly. 

With our years of experience and the best tools available, we have all it takes to service your Holden and get it running like new once again. 

If you live in the Maitland & Thornton area and your Holden vehicle needs a service, do not hesitate to book a service with us today. 


Maitland’s best Holden services

When you bring your Holden vehicle to our workshop we ensure that we do a comprehensive servicing of the vehicle. Our servicing goes beyond a visual inspection and the changing of fluids in the vehicle. It involves several things such as:

  • Checking the oil level and topping it up if necessary.
  • Inspection of the oil filter to determine if it needs replacement.
  • Inspection of the brake fluid and top-up if necessary.
  • Taking a look at the engine coolant or antifreeze and refilling it.
  • Power steering fluid inspection and refill. 
  • Checking the shock absorbers of the vehicle. 
  • Examination of the lights.
  • Examination of the exhaust.
  • Wheel alignment inspection.
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Maitland Holden Service Centre

It is important to note that there are different advantages of carrying out regular servicing at a registered Holden service centre in Maitalnd. For a start, regularly getting services done at a Maitland Holden service centre can guarantee your car lasts as long as it should. 

Also, it helps you to avoid situations where your vehicle develops a major issue causing you to spend so much. Furthermore, it ensures that your vehicle maintains good resale value. 

At the Service Centre, our mechanics are experts in Holden services in the Maitland & Thornton area, and we have what it takes to do a perfect job of servicing your vehicle. 

Furthermore, we also handle all kinds of repairs whether major or minor issues. When you bring your car for repairs, the first thing we do is carry out a thorough examination of your vehicle using the latest technology. 

This will allow us to pinpoint what the issue could be and then find the perfect solution to the problem. Book a service with either our Maitland Holden Service Centre or our Holden Service Thornton. 

Why we stand out from other
Holden service centres in Thornton

The Service Centre is one of the top workshops for servicing and repairing Holden vehicles both in Thornton and Maitland. The reasons for this are simple. 

With over 50 years of experience and a state-of-the-art facility, we provide nothing but top-quality service.

Also, we have been able to stay ahead of the competition as a result of how we strive to always get better at what we do. 

Book a service with us today and let us ensure that your vehicle gets the treatment it deserves.

What Our Customer Say

No complaints, best experience I've ever had with a mechanic.
Mate awesome service as always. Always very happy with the work and price, you guys are great. Thankyou
All seams good on my ute any problems in the future rest assured i will be ringing The Service Centre first. Thanks again for the job well done last week.
Good afternoon Beau, no problems with the car, just want to say a huge thank you for the service you guys provided. Hope you have a great afternoon ahead.
No issues, great customer and car service.
Very happy with the service.
Very happy with your services. Not sure if I have any specific comments other than to say the team there has been great so far and we are happy and will be back for more work in the near future. Cheers
The service was great, friendly and helpful. I've recommended you to a couple of people and hope they take their business there.
The boys there are awesome can not say a bad word about them and the work that do is the best in Newcastle 100%
Service is great and happy with workmanship.

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