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We Provide car Brake Repairs & Replacements to Maitland & Thornton

Is your car grinding, stalling or making alarming motions when you brake? The Service Centre are specialists in car brake repairs and replacements with service centres in Thornton and Maitland to fix the problem.

If you are in Maitland or Thornton and notice problems with your car’s braking system, do not hesitate to contact us! Our experienced car brake mechanics will carry out a complete check on your car and evaluate if it is necessary to intervene with a brake service, repair or replacement.

The brake system is what stops your vehicle when you want it to, and enables you to control the vehicle once it is in motion. This element needs to always be in tip-top condition. Do not put off a car brake repair job if you need it. Doing so could mean the difference between life and death, and our car brake specialists can help make sure your brakes are working to the best of their ability. 

When Should You See A car Brake Specialist?

No Grabbing!

When applying pressure on your brakes, it should result in a fairly smooth stopping motion. They should apply the same pressure to both the front and back axles. However, if you step on the pedal and your car lurches to a stop, this is a sign that something’s wrong. One of the main warning signs that you need a brake repair is when the brakes are “grabbing,” giving you an uneven feeling when you stop the car. It means that the pads have worn thin, or they could be installed incorrectly in the first place. There can be other causes, but this is simple for a trained car brake mechanic to fix, such as our brake specialists at Service Centre Thornton & Maitland.

Screechy Sounds

Your brakes shouldn’t make any noise at all when you apply them. If you hear a screeching sound every time you stop, this could be a sign that you need a brake repair. It often means that you’ve got metal against metal, which causes the screeching noise. This means that the pads have worn out, and you’ll need to get them replaced. Some new cars have squeaky brakes until they’re driven for a while, however, if you hear some screeching, it’s a good idea to have your brakes checked out by a car brake specialist.

Wheel Wiggling

Another sign is that your steering wheel wiggles when you apply the brakes. What effect do the brakes have on your steering wheel? A wiggly wheel is usually a sign that the rotors are bad. The rotors are the big discs your brakes clamp onto when you step on the pedal. As you can imagine, it’s just as important for them to work properly as the brakes themselves. The rotors probably need to be replaced if you’ve got this problem. You can have them tuned up, but this will only temporarily solve the problem.

Visual Inspection

You can tell you need a brake repair by the feel and sound, but you can also look at them yourself and see if they need to be fixed. The pads should be about a quarter of an inch away from the rotor when looking at them. If they’re too close or too far, you might want to have them looked at by a car brake specialist. It may just take a simple bit of tweaking to get them fixed.

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Brake Repairs Maitland & Thornton - How To Find a Credible Shop

Finding a good brake repair shop in Maitland & Thornton you can trust can be difficult. That’s why you must do your homework to ensure you hire someone you can count on.

Our car brake mechanics at The Service Centre specialise in the repair and replacement of brakes for all types of cars in Maitland & Thornton. We offer the best brake repair services on cars and vehicles in general, replacing pads and discs of any brand.

The main services of our brake repair are:

  • Brake pad replacements;
  • Service brakes and brake callipers overhaul;
  • Complete repair and replacement of rear and front brakes;
  • Repair, replacement, centring of brake discs;
  • On-site grinding of the brake discs with a specific lathe;
  • Overhaul and maintenance of electric parking mechanisms of the handbrake. 

You can find out more about our other mechanical repairs here. 

If you’re looking for an expert brake mechanic in Thornton & Maitland who can handle brake service and repair effectively, contact us and get the best services for affordable prices.

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No complaints, best experience I've ever had with a mechanic.
Mate awesome service as always. Always very happy with the work and price, you guys are great. Thankyou
All seams good on my ute any problems in the future rest assured i will be ringing The Service Centre first. Thanks again for the job well done last week.
Good afternoon Beau, no problems with the car, just want to say a huge thank you for the service you guys provided. Hope you have a great afternoon ahead.
No issues, great customer and car service.
Very happy with the service.
Very happy with your services. Not sure if I have any specific comments other than to say the team there has been great so far and we are happy and will be back for more work in the near future. Cheers
The service was great, friendly and helpful. I've recommended you to a couple of people and hope they take their business there.
The boys there are awesome can not say a bad word about them and the work that do is the best in Newcastle 100%
Service is great and happy with workmanship.

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