To drive a car in NSW, you need to have it registered with a roadworthy certificate or risk facing some heavy penalties. But apart from these possible penalties, it is generally unsafe to drive a car that has not been certified as fit and good for the road.

So before your vehicle hits the road, it’s essential for it to undergo a rego inspection, be issued a roadworthy certificate and then be registered. Simply put, you need to obtain a pink or blue slip. 

A pink or blue slip is verification from a qualified mechanic that says your car is safe to drive on the roads in the state of New South Wales in Australia.

It also comes in handy for inspections of a car you intend to buy. It lets you know whether the car has mechanical faults that make it unsafe for the road. Knowing this is very important in ensuring your safety and that of other road users.

A rego inspection will also show whether a vehicle has been insured or not. This is particularly important as it is illegal to drive an uninsured vehicle in New South Wales.

In this article, you’ll get to know what the blue and pink slip is, the differences between both, and how to get one where required.

Blue Slip Vs Pink Slip

Simply, a blue slip is issued to ascertain that an unregistered vehicle is safe for driving. In other words, it is to assess the roadworthiness of an unregistered vehicle. 

You need a blue slip when you get a new unregistered vehicle or a vehicle that has remained unregistered for a long time. A qualified mechanic will check the vehicle to find out possible reasons why the previous owners failed to register it previously. 

They’ll thoroughly inspect the vehicle for faults, leaks, non-alignment with the car’s design standard and so on. Parts of the vehicle like the brakes, suspension, seatbelts, lights, tyres and more will also be inspected to make sure it is fit for the road. 

This is called a blue slip inspection, and it is more thorough than a pink slip inspection. This inspection also includes an identity check to ensure that your vehicle or any of its parts were not stolen.

Without this blue slip, it’s impossible to register a vehicle in New South Wales. 

Pink slips (e-Safety Check), on the other hand, are reports that ascertain whether a vehicle that is over five years old is roadworthy. This is so it can be re-registered. And this is the major difference between the pink and blue slip. 

So while blue slips are for unregistered vehicles, pink slips are for registered vehicles older than 5 years that require re-registration.

Here, an e-Safety check or pink slip inspection is carried out on the vehicle. This includes tyres, seat belts, engine, brake, headlights and more! 

Pink Slip Inspections

How Long Does A Pink Slip Last In NSW?

A pink slip lasts for 6 months, within which you have to complete the registration of your vehicle. 

If you fail to register within that time, you will have to get another pink slip and go through the inspection again.

How To Get Pink Slip For A Car

You can carry out a pink slip inspection at authorised inspection stations like the Service Centre. After completing the inspection, the inspection station sends the result electronically to the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS).

Once your qualified mechanic inspects your car, they will either issue you a pink slip or a Repairs Needed report. The latter report states that your car failed the inspection and lists the repairs that need to be made on your car. Without making these repairs, your vehicle will not pass inspection.

Our mechanic will then submit a report to the RMS detailing the result of the inspection.

How To Get A Pink Slip For A Motorcycle

The requirements for getting a pink slip for a motorcycle is similar to that of a car. The difference is that it will cost less and take less time to inspect.

Do You Need A Pink Slip To Sell A Car?

You do not need a pink slip to sell your car in New South Wales. All you need is an original copy of the vehicle’s registration certificate. You can also add other documents like warranty documents, receipts, manuals and so on.

However, if you do add a pink slip, you have a chance of selling your car faster and at a better price. This is because a pink slip shows that your car is fit and ready for the road. And this is appealing to buyers. It also takes out the need for them to get the pink slip themselves. 

So when all that is taken into consideration, your car can go for a really good price.

How Much Is A Pink Slip in NSW?

In New South Wales, pink slips for a light vehicle costs $42 as a standard fee. This includes the call-up fee for the mechanic and will cover inspection by the mechanic, the report issued and sent electronically to the RMS (Roads and Maritime Service). 

A pink slip for a motorcycle costs $24, a trailer without brakes costs $22, and a trailer with brakes costs $33.

Blue Slip Inspections

How To Get A Blue Slip in NSW

To get a blue slip in NSW, you need to get an authorised mechanic to thoroughly inspect the vehicle.

If the inspection is satisfactory, the mechanic issues you a blue slip and sends a report to the RMS electronically. 

But if there are faults in the vehicle, the mechanic issues a Repairs Needed report stating the repairs that need to be made. After the repairs are made, a follow-up inspection is carried out on the vehicle, and if it passes this time, you’ll be issued a blue slip.

Before going for an inspection, it helps to put your vehicle in order by going through the vehicle’s guidebook. However, if you cannot find it, contact us for help.

How Long Does A Blue Slip Last?

After the authorised unregistered vehicle (blue slip) inspection is carried out, the result is electronically sent to the RMS. This report is valid for 42 days, and registration is to be done within this period.

When Do You Need A Blue Slip in NSW

You need a blue slip for a vehicle

  • that has not been registered at all
  • whose registration has expired more than 3 months ago
  • that has been brought into NSW from interstate or overseas
  • that has no number plates
  • that was written-off but has now been approved for re-registration
  • that needs adjustments in its registration records because something about the vehicle has changed significantly, such as a new engine
  • that needs defect notices cleared

Can I Drive My Car To Get A Blue Slip?

Legally, you are permitted to drive your unregistered car to obtain a blue or pink slip or to get it registered. In any other situation, it will be illegal. 

To do this, however, you must:

  • Go to the nearest possible registration point.
  • Drive through the shortest and easiest route
  • Avoid detours
  • Go along with proof that you are going to register your vehicle in case you are stopped on the way. Proof of appointment or receipt showing payment will suffice.

How Much Is A Blue Slip?

In New South Wales, a blue slip for a light vehicle costs $67, while one for a motorcycle costs $41. For a trailer without brakes, that will be $34, and one with brakes costs $48.

Contact The Service Centre For Your Rego Inspection

As a driver in New South Wales, you cannot do without carrying out an e-Safety inspection once a year. 

This is why you need us. At the Service Centre, you can carry out your rego inspection and other automotive needs. 

As an authorised registration inspection centre, you can carry out your pink and blue slip inspections with us with no stress and in ample time. 

You do not have to wait till your registration expires before you carry out a pink slip inspection. You can book ahead with us, and we will make all the recommendations for repairs you need to get your car registered. 

So, contact us today, and we’ll help you get your car ready for the road in no time.